In the era of digitalization, agriculture too needs a makeover. Develop a technical & business concept to enable marketing and connecting the farmers to the buyers and overcoming land and lingual barriers.
Develop Forewarning systems for disease/ pest attack for different crops and help circulate the preventive and curative measures as widely as possible thus benefit the farmers on large scale .
Participants shall devise models that will come up with effective measures to dispose the farm waste and generate maximum cash out of it.
Analyse the problems with the lending systems in the economic sector and come up with better banking solutions for farmer that will prevent them from entering the debt cycle.
Land fragmentation is the major problem in the agricultural domain and decreases productivity. Due to inheritance per generation the fragmentation goes on increasing. Discover ways to increase the efficiency and integrate the individual holdings.
Fertilizers are a major cause of soil and water pollution. However due to the banning of fertilizers like DDT, crop production has decreased. Come up with an effective solution to decrease pollution while not banning chemical fertilizers by devising a system to analyse and control the amount of fertilizer given to the crop at different growth phases.
Sometimes more than half the agricultural produce goes waste due to inefficient storage. Building secure store houses won’t suffice due to lack of space. Come up with a system that prevents the wastage of food and keeps a check on the quality.
Harmful effects on human health due to the hazardous food colour and pesticides in food like anaemia, kidney and liver disease, lead poisoning. Develop a sensor to help the customers to detect the presence of these.
In the developing world, 40 – 50 percent of all crop yields are lost to pests, crop diseases, or post-harvest losses. Develop a system that can help you with detecting the present object in the farm and help in the classification of weeds to promote healthy crops.
Right minerals are the foremost necessity for growth of plants. Anomaly detection with the use of unsupervised analysis will help you select the right amount of minerals, resulting in faster-growing crops and will further help to produce more crops compared to competitors and overcome hidden hunger. Devise a suitable concept to overcome the issue.
Due to various factors such as lack of reach etc., cash crops that fetch profits to farmers goes unsold. Devise a model to avoid cash crop losses.
Ed-Tech wasn’t popular a few years ago. With the emergence of Byju’s & Unaccademy , the education sector has seen digitalization . Develop a platform that would educate Agriculture as its centric plot.
With tourism playing a significant role in the map of developing India , come up with concepts that could be an amalgamation of Tourism and Agriculture with a suitable business concept.
A single farmer does not have funds to back up the technology he needs. However sharing of technology and machinery is possible. Devise a method that helps in this lending system
A lot of farmers depend on rainfall for the crop production and do not use irrigation methods at all. During droughts or summer, the crops get affected. Devise a method to predict the rainfall so as to help the farmers to take preventive measures.