Additive manufacturing (AM) is the military term for what most of us would know as 3Dprinting. One reason that AM has failed to gain widespread adoption throughout manufacturing supply chains is thought to be the absence of a “digital thread.” A 2016 Deloitte paper defines the digital thread as having three core components: indefinite ability to store and reference data, means of identifying if a design doesn’t work correctly or needs improvement, and the scalability to feed forward in the production process, applying process improvements using data gathered from each preceding step. Build a decentralized network in a way that meets the requirements of the digital thread. It provides a secure, theoretically unlimited data store. It also allows the sharing of data across the entire AM process using the nodes in the network.
Build an advanced solution focusing on the next generation of intrusion detection that employs the latest sensors and data fusion technologies with automation principles to provide complete and autonomous situational awareness of a perimeter, which provides continuous tracking of the threats while not only providing early detection capabilities but also verification of the threat and Classification in the border areas and war like situations.
Every day, 1.5 million passengers and their baggage are screened at Indian airports. Millions more are screened at international airports, office buildings, infrastructure centres, and more. Beyond people, billions of pieces of cargo, mail, and freight are scanned. What most of these have in common is little automation and very manual process. Build a software to do algorithmic analysis of security x-ray images to determine if they contain a threat, such as a firearm of explosive. You can employ deep learningbased algorithms and provide a user interface for screeners to communicate with the algorithms.
The Intelligent video analytics market will grow in excess of 30% per year with an estimated size of $1.2 billion in 2018. In defence industry, searching through huge amounts of surveillance to look for specific traits is of prime importance. Utilize AI, Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks to track through massive amounts of video and look for specific traits.
Terrorists and criminals exhibit subtle clues or gestures in execution of attacks, and it’s possible to detect all these gestures prior to an attack. Terrorists and criminals behave differently relative to the crowd, but it’s unclear how they will behave differently (e.g. avoiding eye contact with a policeman, keeping a regimented distance to the target). By looking for anomalies in a scene rather than detecting individual actions, these traits are more accurate in predicting terror attacks and crimes. The product can also be used in retail to curb terrorism/shoplifting and provide valuable insights to personnel. Develop a prototype to track such traits.
Active Protection System (APS) are needed for AFVs. The data collected by radar should determine threat levels adequately and the self-defence munitions should not cause high levels of collateral damage, particularly to accompanying dismounted infantry. Develop a protection system for radars.
Recently the fishermen have been directed to install GPS troubled by instances when they step outside Indian waters willingly or unwillingly. The system should predict which fishermen are more likely to violate the reach. Also, if a fisherman defaults then there should be a signalling system to both for fishermen and authorities.
Snake Robot’, whose active joints allow lateral undulation, side winding to help it navigate difficult passages together can make for a great reconnaissance and surveillance team both in defensive and offensive plans in challenging conditions such as Naxalite prone areas and hostage saving conditions. Build a prototype snake robot that can sneak through cracks and into buildings to send back sound and video of enemy movements.
In case of siege or terrorist incident getting to know what the situation from inside the campuses is very important. Using humans to do snooping is both dangerous and counterproductive. The sensitive issues require complete precaution. Build a small robot which can climb walls and cut barbed wires can be very effective to the defence forces. The robot should have an embedded camera attached.
Design and development of various types of indigenous payloads including ElectroOptical systems, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems, Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) systems and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) systems. Design and development of capability for carrying Air to Air and Air to Ground weapons and weapon aiming systems.
Situational awareness forms major bedrock for any Infantry based operation. The need is to integrate C4l systems with various sensors/ sources and Global Positioning System to ensure integration into the overall combat network architecture. Devise latest means of communication, frequency/bandwidth management and technology need to remain in sync, in order to cope up with rapid advancements of technology.
The high precision beam pointing, and tracking system is responsible for fine pointing of laser beam on to the target. The major sources of error in achieving the high precision pointing and tracking besides the dynamic target are platform vibrations, beam jitter produced by atmospheric propagation effects, bore sight error and other manufacturing electronics and thermal effect errors. Develop a better Image processing and fine pointing and tracking of laser beam on to the target.
Atmospheric turbulence can severely degrade the quality of images (video sequences) produced by long range observation systems, rendering the images unsuitable for vision applications such as surveillance or scene inspection. The degradation arises from the complicated, random fluctuations in the refractive index of the air, caused by the fluctuations in temperature. The tool will be used in video surveillance solution. Open source image processing libraries like OpenCV can be used. The device should be able to restore a scene distorted by atmospheric turbulence is the scope of the Project / Problem statement.
Develop Artificial Intelligence based Logistics and supply chain management (Management of Stores, Spares and Ration) for the different armed forces.
The ability for individual soldiers and weapon platforms to observe, acquire and accurately engage targets at night and in poor visibility is critical to conduct of operations. Contemporary military night vision equipment encompasses two key technologies i.e., Image Intensification (II) and Thermal Imaging (TI). Advances continue to be made in both these technologies, with fused imagery (II and TI fusion) being state of the art. Develop a solution to solve the problem.
Thermal imaging technology (Cooled) originated in military applications to function under no light and adverse weather conditions. Heat signatures emitted by objects are picked up by materials called ‘detectors’, as a contrast with the surroundings of the object under observation. Thermal detectors, cryogenic cooler assemblies and optics (Germanium / Silicon lenses) are the key technology in thermal imaging. Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) and Indium Antimony (InSb) detectors are the two leading detector technologies, with InSb being the newer development. FPAs are the core component of detector technology giving rise to better resolution, lesser weight and longer detection, recognition and identification ranges. The analysis of these images on a big scale is a huge challenge. Build a prototype software which can do that.
Develop a Trajectory guide for Modern sniper rifles using GPS data (Data Analytics) When GPS data is coupled with atmospheric conditions, the data models could assist the sniper to aim for perfection and less ammunition is wasted. The challenge is to communicate the analysed data in real time to the soldier in combat so that he can take best possible decisions.
Develop a civilian warning system for border areas (Automation and real time data analysis). Recently many civilians have died because of sudden bullet and mortar shelling by Pakistani army. The word spreads slowly because of lack of communication channel. Build a automatic warning system for this cases using bullet fired data cases from ceasefire violations.