Smart City

To offer citizens/commuters the mobile app that enables them, to identify:
– Bus availability from Point to A to B
– Estimated travel time and cost
– Sharing the bus travel information within a group to enable board same bus in the city.
To optimize traffic signaling time based on the vehicle congestion at a crossroad / junction: At several circumstances, the waiting time is not necessary / insignificant. Hence, the waiting time must be optimized in order to give commuters better service.
Almost every city has a storm water drainage system in different areas, but some of the areas face problems of water logging when the rainfall intensity is high than expected. An application along with simulation capability can be developed which can map the historic rainfall data and water logging data and can generate alert for potential water logging.
Water logging at critical areas within city disrupts the life of commuter. It is important to know such water logging event and notify the commuter to adopt alternate route. Devise a sensor fuelled application that will give real time water logging status to the commuters.
Online alert for drainage line choking & manhole overflowing. To sense water level at manhole in the area and notify / alert when overflowing.
With mass urbanization, people face an ever-increasing demand for better services and quality of life. Create solutions to offer citizens the on-demand, multi-channel access to public information and services they expect.
Provide solution to detect water contamination in water distribution network. The solution is expected to have two components (i) contamination detection system which will be deployed at the water distribution network level & (ii) front end solution which can be used to visualize and analyse location of contamination.
Several households have constructed underground water storage tanks below the level of the water distribution system to illegally draw the water from distribution network. This leads to pressure drop during subsequent supply and further creates a shortage to the other households in the network. Provide an illegal water connection detection system which will locate such connections and provide visual reports to authorities for further action.
With increasing demand for Tankers in cities due to persisting water shortage, participants are expected to provide a solution for tanker management, the solution should provide overall management of tanker including distribution, tracking, quality checking, billing and invoice and a solution to help optimize tanker routing as per demand.
With growing trends of “Go-Green”, Cycles will emerge as a crucial player in commuting. Participants are expected to develop a mobile application for cycle sharing which will be used by citizens to get any relevant information about cycle sharing program, hire cycle, pay bill etc.
Participants are expected to provide solution to make auto rickshaw part of public transport system which citizens can use as feeder network. The feeder network solution should be integrated with buses & Cycle sharing routes. This initiative can be extended to auto- rickshaws that do not want to be under Ola & Uber but operate independently. Also , the app should use data analysis to forecast a surge in demand at a specific location .
To design Smart Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) which trips when Earth leakage is detected but it will turn on automatically after 120 second if leakage is removed or if it is temporary. Along with it , participants can come up with a sensor that will decode the illegal access of electricity at a location and alert authorities about it.
Participants need to come up with an integrated system for schools where a portal will serve as a holistic approach for Attendance , Mid-day Meal Checks , Counselling services , Course material that can be downloaded.
Participants can come up with services that shall enhance emergency care across all areas of the city by connecting with the needed healthcare and emergency infrastructure.
To enhance the cognizance about the spread of contagious and seasonal health risks including Dengue , Malaria etc. by using past records and Geo-positioning .
Smart cities can also become Tourism hotspots. Usually tourists, especially beginners, do not notice many interesting places that are worth visiting, or even simply do not know where to go and what to see. Design a business concept that can eliminate this significant drawback using the best loyalty programs, behavioural economics and game mechanics that can quite help to interest and retain the client.
AI can be used to solve the challenges that accessible, automated tourism creates. A new age of smart tourism is beginning. Using AI as an extra tool to understand tourist profiles can provide special, tailor-made experiences, and even promote a move away from mass tourism to the same locations by guiding customers towards lesser known attractions and destinations perfect for them. Develop a chatbot that can ease the problem and suggest places of visit along with near-by services available in the city.
VR can create super immersive experiences that are just made for Travel & Tourism. You can create incredibly compelling experiences to showcase destinations and attractions. Tour operators can allow customers to try before they buy. Devise a business concept by clubbing Technology and Tourism in the smart city.