Social Welfare

In the busy lives that we live , a halt at a Toll Booth while commuting causes discomfort for travellers. Design a solution to get toll paid using online methods which is unique and innovative.
Children spend on average six and a half hours in front of screen per day. We want to help them make use of that time in a fun and educational way. Children of today are mostly technology consumers: they spend long time playing computer games and watching series. We want the next generation of our children to grow up with an audacity to engage with technology in an active way
Develop a Grievance Redressal Forum through App and IVR in ICDS (Integrated Child Development Software)
Create an Application to estimate/forecast employment potential of Graduates/Post Graduates in different branches/courses (for short term and long term basis) by correlating data from various sources.
While applying for different recruitments through online application softcopy uploading of documents like educational qualification, D.O.B proof, category certificate etc. of candidate is required. This results in unnecessary utilization of server space as each application requires approx.. 2MB storage space and thousands of applications are received. If credentials are verified then & there at the time of application receiving (uploading), it will be beneficial for all stakeholders.
Traffic congestion at Toll Plazas is creating huge economical loss in terms of fuel wastage apart from adding to environmental pollution. Develop an application to have QR equipped Payment Receipt for long distance vehicles which can be scanned at the QR readers installed at unmanned toll lanes for passing through the toll gates.
Devise models to encourage elderly to further interact with other members of their community, so as to reduce social isolation
Differently abled citizens often face difficulties in accessing essential services (including government services), which require mandatory physical visits (E.g. Passport Applications). Can we create smart solutions to facilitate efficient service delivery to such citizen groups?
A disaster may occur at any place in this world without any warning. Many people may get trapped in those areas and may seek help. This demands a smart application using which a team of authorized organizations can track them within a short interval of time.
With the burgeoning number of vehicles in cities, finding your vehicle in a parking lot is a common problem, especially for two-wheelers. Devise a suitable solution.
Traditional handicrafts are still prepared in remote locations of our country, but they find it hard to market their product. Design a concept to digitally market their products with a suitable business concept. Such an idea would enable our unnoticed craftsmen to have a living.
Develop a feasible solution for Solid Waste Management .
In India, where crime rates shoot above the roof, the need of the hour is for innovative and technological solutions to prevent and address crime. Much has been spoken about funding for start-ups, but are the entrepreneurial minds developing something to address crime?
For a truly make in India campaign, nothing currently beats 3D printers. Unfortunately, the rare companies that currently do manufacture 3D printers cost phenomenal amounts of money in doing so. A cheaper, more affordable 3D printer would not only give raise to thousands of young inventors, but also provide a fun hobby and increase scientific temperament.
The recognition module for our sportspersons is very weak & proper harvest, to manage and organise sports of entities and reckless management and governance.